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Report: The Future of Youth Sports

The Future of Youth Sports

What does the future of youth sports look like in an era when young athletes increasingly dictate the terms of competition and control ever more media power—and when the value of sports scholarships and traditional college education are under attack?

We take a deep look at the best and worst-case scenarios for the future of youth sports as parents, coaches, futurists, industry experts—and former youth athletes.


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    Includes 10 topics with predictions of where youth sports is headed, along with roadmaps for creating a better youth sports experience–for all.

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AttentionFWD’s game-changing youth sports summit series brings top sports executives, participants, educators, futurists and technologists together to provide insight into the future of sport. Through lively discussion panels and strategy sessions, participants will gain a greater understanding of the hurdles and opportunities the future of youth sports holds, and insight into moving our youth sports organizations forward.

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