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Report: The Future of Youth Sports

The Future of Youth Sports

What does the future of youth sports look like in an era when young athletes increasingly dictate the terms of competition and control ever more media power—and when the value of sports scholarships and traditional college education are under attack?

We take a deep look at the best and worst-case scenarios for the future of youth sports as parents, coaches, futurists, industry experts—and former youth athletes.

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  • Introduction
    Toward a Youth Sports Utopia

    About The Future of Youth Sports Report

    About The Report
  • From The Editor
    Youth Sports Is Dead. Long Live Youth Sports

    Why we have to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

    Editor’s Letter
  • 01
    Kids Play Families Pay

    Mapping the Youth Sports Industrial Complex

  • 02
    Sports Builds Brains

    Why Sports Are Key to the Future of Child Development

  • 03
    The Future of Recess

    Kids Gotta Play

  • 04
    Making the Game of Life More Fair

    How Sports Can Increase Opportunity and Improve Life for Underprivileged Kids

  • 05
    Nonbinary Stars

    How Increasing Gender Fluidity Will Transform Sports

  • 06
    Selfie Stardom

    Who Gets the Money When Media Inundates Youth Sports?

  • 07
    Not a Zero-Sum Game

    N.I.L. Rules and College Recruiting’s Growing Pains Could Be Terminal for the NCAA

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  • 08
    Outside the Lines

    The Alt Scene Becomes the Mainstream

  • 09
    eSports Singularity Ahead

    Simulated Sports Means New Options, Not Replacements

  • 10
    Infinite Field of Play

    Mixed Reality and Augmented Exercise Get Kids Moving

  • How We Fix It
    Let’s Fix Youth Sports

    10 ways we can shape the future of youth sports together.

  • Project Team

    Project team, writing team, editing team, design team, and special thanks.


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