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Future of Youth Sports Team
Youth Sports Team / May 25, 2022
Youth Sports
Mixed Reality and Augmented Exercise Get Kids Moving

Forty-seven percent of Gen Z are predicted to be obese by the time they reach adulthood. Poor diets and population-wide decreases in exercise have led to an epidemic of childhood obesity in America, which sets kids on the road to a poor quality of life and shortened life expectancy. The solution? Technology.

Number of steps collectively taken by sweatcoin users

  • 11.4


Digital gaming will meet kids where their interests lie, and both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology will at last bring meaningful amounts of physical movement into the digital fun, getting kids out of their chairs with little coercion. The behavior-driving insights that social media platforms initially employed to co-opt addiction mechanisms in kids’ brains will increasingly be used for good, building healthy workout habits into kids’ daily routines.