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Future of Youth Sports Team
Youth Sports Team / Apr 13, 2022
Youth Sports
Who Gets the Money When Media Inundates Youth Sports?

When Zion Williamson and LaMelo Ball’s AAU teams faced off in the summer of 2017, the event pulled in a total of 822,000 viewers on Facebook Live—a crowd eight times larger than the largest sports stadium in the US, Michigan Stadium, at full capacity.

Estimated 2020 social media marketing earnings of sports influencers

  • $1.9


COVID-19 disruption not-withstanding, fans will continue to find ways to satisfy their monster appetite for sports (spending upwards of $50 billion annually on sporting events in the US alone). But with each year, a growing percentage of this will go directly to the athletes, like “bits”—virtual currency—does on Amazon’s Twitch. Fortnite-style virtual arenas will host sporting events with tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of fans, and will include digital concessions and apparel linked to the tap of a key.