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Zooming in on Sports with Apple’s Mixed-Reality Headset

Jul 25, 2023 | Sports
A mock up of what watching sports with an Apple Vision Pro could be like

Source Summary

Apple’s new mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, blends the physical and digital worlds, potentially transforming how people browse online, use apps, play games, watch content, and more. Disney CEO Bob Iger offered some insight into what we can expect, including the ability to toggle between several games at once, control different camera angles, watch in-depth replays, and more.


Imagine watching the NBA finals courtside, witnessing some of the best athletes in the world compete seemingly right in front of you, all from the comfort of your couch. By this time next year, this fantasy scenario will likely become a reality. With the headset’s official release nearly a year away, developers have ample time to develop groundbreaking experiences for sports viewing. The most engaged sports fans will be willing to pay for these viewing experiences, and top developers will be competing to offer the best ones.