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XFL Tech Partnership to Increase Football Instant Replays

Mar 9, 2023 | Sports
An AI-generated image of a man in a stadium looking at his phone during a game

Source Summary

Throughout every NFL season there are many instances where the refs, coaches and fans disagree on a call. While coaches can challenge on-field rulings, like catches and fumbles, there are various game events that can’t be challenged. The XFL, the latest iteration of the pro league first founded in 2001, plans to change this. The league has announced a deal with software developer Bolt6 to provide real-time video to officiating command centers, coaches and the broadcast booth. The command center will be able to review any play, with mic’d-up deliberation for TV viewers, and coaches will be able to challenge a no-call or penalty during the game.


Every Philadelphia Eagles fan, player and coach is still reeling from their devastating loss in the most recent Super Bowl—especially as it came down to a controversial penalty call in the final minutes. In the NFL, this type of scenario is not uncommon. The XFL’s approach gives teams a chance to review miscalls/no-calls, creating a more fair game and taking pressure off referees making potentially game-changing calls. The tech will also allow fans to listen to the breakdown and deliberation behind every challenged call, adding to the viewer experience. Our biggest question: will going over every play after the fact with a fine-toothed comb slow the game to a crawl?