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The Power of AI: Keeping Our Food Fresh for Longer

Jun 19, 2024 | Food
A woman storing pantry staples in air-tight containers

Our Take

The impact AI has on the food industry is accelerating dramatically. The Clemson approach could benefit the food industry tremendously—imagine a future where you rarely have to worry about your food going bad. Consumers will save on costs and food waste can be reduced at scale.

Source Summary

Scientists at Clemson University are using AI to slow rancidification in food products. Rancidity is the process by which fats and oils degrade when exposed to oxygen, resulting in foods with undesirable smells and tastes. Many food manufacturers use antioxidants to counteract this, but determining the most effective combination and amount is challenging.

Clemson researchers trained an AI program to learn basic chemical reactions to predict the effects of combining two to three antioxidants in specific situations. As the team continues to feed it more and more data, the AI model is becoming increasingly accurate in its predictions.