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Oobli Launches Protein-Sweetened Bars

Dec 29, 2022 | Food
A pile of Oobli bars


We’ve been following the progression of Oobli—previously Joywell Foods—over their last seven years of R&D. Originally hoping to launch in the beverage market, the company’s focus has shifted to offering chocolate bars that contain 70 percent less sugar. The protein bar market is so saturated that it will be tough to gain market share, but the trend toward sugar-alternative sweeteners continues to rise, and is a category that will soon see more competitors. Despite ongoing debate about the scalability of microbial fermentation, major food companies are paying close attention to these trends and unlocking technologies that are making it possible.

Source Summary

Oobli, the maker of Sweet Proteins, is opening an online presale for its first product, a protein-sweetened chocolate bar. The company uses a proprietary microbial fermentation process that produces a unique sweet taste mirroring that found in berries and exotic fruits. It leverages naturally occurring proteins in the oubli fruit, meaning it won’t spike blood sugar or insulin levels. Furthermore, it is digested like any other protein so it doesn’t cause intestinal distress as other sugar alternatives might. Overall, Oobli’s new chocolate bar takes a healthier approach to non-sugar sweetener alternatives, and still promises that same classic taste.