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Instacart + ChatGPT = ?

Jun 29, 2023 | Food
Instacart on a phone in front of some slices of carrot cake

Source Summary

Popular grocery delivery service Instacart has debuted its ChatGPT Instacart plugin. The integration allows users to ask for recipe advice—a chat bot responds with suggestions that Instacart turns into a shopping list. The plugin is currently only available through ChatGPT’s subscription service, ChatGPT Plus, but will be made available to all users soon.


ChatGPT and AI are permeating conversations across seemingly every industry, and for good reason—it’s impossible to ignore the endless opportunities the tech offers—and in this case, the way it can streamline a chore that causes headaches for many. Instacart’s integration is just a glimpse of what is possible for companies integrating AI, and the improvements to services and customer experience are about to accelerate rapidly.