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How AI Is Transforming Our Shopping Experience

Sep 15, 2023 | Food
A shopper using a smart cart to shop


New stories of businesses deploying AI seem to debut daily, from Expedia’s incorporation of conversational AI assistance to Duolingo’s ability to give in-depth explanations to test questions. Instacart hopped on this train with their newest Caper Cart model, which will likely advance the future of shopping. These carts will save shoppers time and provide a personalized shopping experience.

Source Summary

Instacart recently announced the rollout of the Caper Cart, an AI-powered shopping cart, in two Wakefern Food Corp Grocery Stores—a ShopRite in Spotswood, NJ, and a Fairway Market in Manhattan. The cart uses AI technology, scales, sensors, a touch screen and more to provide shoppers with “a personalized and seamless experience,” says David McIntosh, vice president of connected stores at Instacart. Customers will be able to view discounts and deals, get recommendations and more while roaming the aisles. To check out, shoppers simply scan a barcode displayed on the cart, maximizing customer convenience.