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Do Viral TikToks Convert to Grocery Purchases?

Dec 29, 2022 | Food
An image of a viral Tick Tick recipes

Source Summary

With platforms like TikTok exploding in popularity, it is now easier than ever to view and share content from people all across the world. TikTok values short, enticing videos that allow any user to share their own trend-setting and innovative content. One of the most popular areas is the food industry. An analysis done by Instacart, a grocery delivery service, found over 61 percent of Americans view food and recipe content on social media weekly. With such a large audience comes the continuous search for food hacks, new brands and best recipes. The question is, how does this translate to sales? To find out, Instacart took the top food trends of 2021 and 2022 and explored how they affected orders on their site. Turns out there was a profound connection. When videos or posts about the health benefits of pomegranates gain traction on social media, the sales of the fruit takes off as well. Same with the ingredients for biscoff tiramisu recipes or salmon rice bowls when they become the topic of the day. The increased sales can be dramatic. Researchers documented spikes in sales sometimes up to two or three times the normal amount.


We are witnessing a new generation of digitally empowered consumers who are constantly connected to their phones and social networks. The big challenge for legacy CPGs is staying up to date. What’s the latest media platform and how do users interact with it? Those who answer this question first will capture the market. For large food and CPG brands, there is a great opportunity to combine traditional marketing approaches with digital-based tactics that speak to new audiences. Leveraging ads and short video format, tapping into influencers, consumers and peer brands—those that engage authentically and consistently will see results.