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Cocoa Shells = Eco-Friendly Fertilizer?

Oct 25, 2023 | Food
Cocoa beans / shells

Source Summary

Cargill and Nestle UK are joining forces to introduce a low-carbon fertilizer crafted from cocoa shells. Their goal is to replace the nitrogen in conventional fertilizers with a natural substitute found in cocoa shells. Cargill will provide the shells to a cleantech company, CCm Technologies, who will process and distribute the shells to Nestle UK farms. The fertilizer is currently undergoing trials to evaluate total crop yield. Early results are promising, showing no real difference when compared to generic fertilizers. These trials will continue for the next two years and, if successful, will be used to fertilize 25% of the wheat supply produced by Nestle UK farmers.


Synthetic fertilizers account for more carbon emissions than the aviation and shipping industries combined. But they are crucial to producing the crops responsible for feeding nearly half of the global population. The partnership between Nestle UK and Cargill helps bridge this gap, reducing emissions while still getting the job done. Although still in development, cocoa shell fertilizer is a promising advance toward easing the climate crisis. With many companies looking to build on net-positive regenerative agriculture, it is likely we will see others follow suit, and upcycling various materials to create their own natural fertilizer.