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Cell-cultivated Chicken Tiptoes into the US Market

Sep 15, 2023 | Food
A cultivated chicken dinner

Source Summary

The USDA gave three California-based companies the okay to start producing and selling cell-cultivated chicken. The companies—Upside Foods, Good Meat and Joinn Biologics—harvest cells from animal tissue and grow them in bioreactors, delivering an edible form of cell-cultured chicken. The product is not yet ready for market, but both Upside Foods and Good Meat intend to sell their cell-cultured chicken in restaurants. Good Meat partnered with Chef Jose Andrés, hoping that their recent debut with “one of the most respected chefs in the world” will help reassure hesitant consumers and create buzz. The USDA will require the cultivated chicken to undergo routine checks to enforce safety codes and proper labeling.


This is a big step for the alternative protein industry. While there has been doubt about alt-proteins, these companies are taking a strategic approach by rolling out products in restaurants and with renowned chefs. This proved successful for Good Meat in Singapore, a major hub for alt-protein. With this approach, we see these companies gaining entry to the US market.