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Can a Virtual Chef Cook Your Next High-End Meal?

Feb 22, 2023 | Food
An image of a computerized cook preparing a dish


CloudChef isn’t just pioneering the future of cooking through digital technology, but also the future of foodie culture. No longer do you need to travel to London for a taste of beef Wellington the way chef Gordon Ramsay prepares it—just download the recipe and let CloudChef handle the rest as you play sous chef. While it may not replicate the full fine-dining experience, it’s a new way for foodies to enjoy gourmet meals from the comfort of their homes.

Source Summary

Startup CloudChef is creating digital records of the world’s best chefs in order to recreate their elaborate meals in remote kitchens around the globe. The company has built software to monitor and track the science behind building a recipe. Sensors record the temperature of proteins, moisture levels, cooking time and more, and then upload that data to a digital cloud. The software is then connected to appliances through an application programming interface (API) and hands off the proper instructions for cooking. While the aim is to take the cooking process fully digital, much of the physical labor, like moving materials and plating, must be conducted by workers who are given specific commands to fulfill. The company has two kitchens that have already served over 50,000 CloudChef meals. The brand hopes to eventually bring CloudChef-powered kitchens to homes, but for now the focus is on capturing as many chef-made recipes as possible.