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AT&T Stadium unveils an interactive Jerry Jones Hologram

Oct 25, 2023 | Sports
At&T stadium

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The Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new interactive experience at their AT&T Stadium last month that allows fans to “meet” and interact with a hologram version of the team’s owner, Jerry Jones. Fans can pay to have “full-blown conversations” with the hologram, which will use AI to answer questions as if it was really him. Fans on social media have already started to joke about what they would say to the hologram franchise owner, with one user saying that they would ask if this version could “actually build a roster”.


AT&T stadium has a history of pioneering new tech experiences for fans attending live games. As mentioned in an earlier Sports FWD Issue, the stadium implemented AR for fans attending live games, enabling them to display stats and avatars on the field via their smartphones. If this Jerry Jones hologram experience proves to be a hit, it could encourage more fans to visit the stadium, and other teams and venues might start exploring similar experiences featuring notable figures from their own franchise.

As Predicted - October 2015
As Predicted

In 2015, we set out on a mission to spark conversation about the future of the sports industry with our Future of Sports 1.0 report. In the report, we highlighted the future of The Stadium, which included a prediction about the introduction of in-stadium holograms in 5-10 years.