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Agritech Firm Introduces Climate-Resilient Strawberries

Feb 22, 2023 | Food
A pile of strawberries on a wooden table


With the ability to acutely select gene expressions in their products and having already applied their technology to multiple crops, Singrow’s innovation is a potential game changer. Singrow is positioned well for a future where consumers continue to become more conscious of what their food is made of, how it is produced and how it affects the environment. With crops that have a longer shelf life and disease detection capabilities, they provide a more sustainable option that reduces waste and meets eco-friendly standards.

Source Summary

Singapore-based Singrow has developed a climate-resilient, disease-resistant strawberry. By analyzing gene expression shortly after germination, and micro-selecting for specific genomic qualities, Singrow creates new breeding alternatives and crop varieties. Their goal is to reduce pesticide use, extend the harvesting season, and prolong the shelf life of their product. The company is currently selling to restaurants and hotels, as well as the online grocery store Fresh4ALL. Singrow has plans to expand to supermarkets and has already applied their tech to 30 other crop varieties they hope to bring to the market.