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A Transition to “Plant–Based” Labels?

Jun 19, 2024 | Food
An image of plant-based Hellmans Mayo

Our Take

Although it seems like a minor change, using the term “plant-based” can help companies market their vegan products to a broader audience. The “vegan” label is limiting, appealing primarily to just a vegan audience, and turning away flexitarians and those more focused on the health benefits these products provide. With people now more conscious than ever about what they eat, we will likely see more companies modify their labels to include language promoting overall health more so than a vegan diet.

Source Summary

Hellman’s has rebranded its egg–free mayonnaise to “Plant Based Mayo”, dropping the “vegan” label. This reflects a growing trend in the food industry to make labels more appealing to a larger consumer base. A study by the Good Food Institute found that consumers were 18% more likely to purchase products using the term “plant–based” as opposed to “vegan. They are not alone in this decision. Impossible Foods and Eat Just, two companies at the forefront of the vegan industry, have started using similar language when describing their products too.